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Delete and Archive a Channel

Did you already know, that a deleted channel is not really completely deleted?
Although you cannot restore a deleted channel at the moment, there are clear signs that the channel isn’t completly gone:

  • A new channel with the same name as the deleted one cannot be created.
  • In the same way the documents that belong to the deleted channel are still in your SharePoint site.

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Move a Channel to another Teams

Especially customers who are already using Microsoft Teams for a longer time want to reorganize some teams. Therefore we are often asked whether it is possible to move a complete channel form one teams to another one.

Our answer is quite short: This function is not available at the moment and regarding Microsofts statements in the techcommunity forum and also in uservoice you cannot expect this feature in the near future.

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Access permissions to channels in MS Teams

We are often asked if separate access permissions can be given to a channel. The answer is: No, not in the current version. Private channels are not available. Currently the permissions are configured for a complete team. All members of a team have access to all channels.

This feature is highly requested with more than 5,000 votes in uservoice forum. But it seems like Microsoft is working on it. Look at the comment in uservoice forum.

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