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MS Teams and the Internet Explorer

Recently I suffered an issue in testing our new app, the BlueBridge Glossary for MS Teams, in the Internet Explorer 11. Out of a sudden, Teams refused to start and hung up in a loop of crashing and trying to sign me in. Go on reading this article to find the solution which worked for me to solve this issue.

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MS Teams as Hub for StartWithTeams

We are using the node.js based tool Hexo to generate this website. In our process MS Teams has an important role. It works as our central information hub:

  • Teams brings together information from different external and internal sources.
  • This tool of Microsoft also helps us to coordinate the publishing process of the posts for this site.

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Use Flow to bring Posts on Twitter

To get our readers informed about new entries on our homepage via Twitter, we have decided to add a Microsoft Flow which takes the added articles from the RSS feed of our website www.startwithteams.com and posts links to new articles as tweets in Twitter. This automation saves time as there is no more need to log on to Twitter and a source of possible errors of pasting the wrong link to a tweet will be avoided.

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Share comments while editing an Office document

I guess all of us experienced the situation while editing a document and suddenly a brilliant idea, an important question or a comment for the whole team regarding the document comes to your mind. MS Teams allows you to keep the focus on the document but at the same time share your thoughts in the conversation tab of the respective channel.

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How to sideload an App

Microsoft Teams allows to sideload apps, bots and tabs - be it for testing reasons or because the connection to the app store is not allowed in your company. Read on this article to get a step by step instruction on how to use the sideloading feature to add an app to your MS Teams using the BlueBridge Glossary as an example.

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Favorizing Teams and Channels

If you are using MS Teams with a higher number of colleagues, you might get added to a lot of teams which might show up with quite a lot of channels. This will lead to a loss of lucidity. Read this article to get the instructions on how to gain clarity in MS Teams again.

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Delete and Archive a Channel

Did you already know, that a deleted channel is not really completely deleted?
Although you cannot restore a deleted channel at the moment, there are clear signs that the channel isn’t completly gone:

  • A new channel with the same name as the deleted one cannot be created.
  • In the same way the documents that belong to the deleted channel are still in your SharePoint site.

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Move a Channel to another Teams

Especially customers who are already using Microsoft Teams for a longer time want to reorganize some teams. Therefore we are often asked whether it is possible to move a complete channel form one teams to another one.

Our answer is quite short: This function is not available at the moment and regarding Microsofts statements in the techcommunity forum and also in uservoice you cannot expect this feature in the near future.

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Twitter Connector

Microsoft Teams already offers quite a lof of connectors. I took a closer look at the Twitter connector and will further highlight what it does and how it can be added and maintained. This connector can be used to keep track of the posts of an existing Twitter account or see all posts containing one special hashtag. It might be helpful e.g. for the marketing team to see the usage of the products hashtag.

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Add RSS Connector to your Channel

It is really a simple thing. But nevertheless it may be interesting for some of you to see how it works before you do it for yourself. I’ve added the Microsoft RSS Connector to our channel to see, when a new post on our blog is live.

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