Share comments while editing an Office document

I guess all of us experienced the situation while editing a document and suddenly a brilliant idea, an important question or a comment for the whole team regarding the document comes to your mind. MS Teams allows you to keep the focus on the document but at the same time share your thoughts in the conversation tab of the respective channel.

I have added an Excel file to the channel “Connectors” in my “Team Tests” team, but it works for MS Word documents and MS Powerpoint presentations, too.

No matter if I use MS Teams in the browser or the client application, I can directly edit the Excel file without switching to the Excel application. I just need to click the name of the file and it will be opened in a Excel viewer. You can find a “Edit” button on top of the viewer to open the file in edit mode. You can as well find a small drop down at the “Edit” button in case you need to open the file in your client application.

Next to the “Edit” button is the “Start conversation” button. Use it to start a conversation thread regarding the current document. The conversation thread will as well be displayed on the right-hand side of the window. To hide the conversation window, click the icon in the upper right-hand corner (see the arrow in the screenshot below).

In addition the conversation thread will be displayed in the “Conversations” tab of the channel.