Favorizing Teams and Channels

If you are using MS Teams with a higher number of colleagues, you might get added to a lot of teams which might show up with quite a lot of channels. This will lead to a loss of lucidity. Read this article to get the instructions on how to gain clarity in MS Teams again.

You will probably gain access to a growing number of teams for different projects and it is likely that you won’t ever leave them, but it is not necessary to get them displayed at first glance when you open MS Teams.

As you can see in the screenshot, the number of teams visible at first glance on the right-hand side is much higher as on the left-hand side. I have defined some of the available teams to be not necessarily shown at the startup. But these teams have not been deleted, but been unmarked as favorite. Each team you create or get invited to is by default marked as a favorite and always shown in the overview.
You can also see a “More” option which is by default collapsed. You can expand the option and all the non-favorized teams show up and can be used the way you are used to.

Gain clarity regarding your teams

Click on the three dots next to the respective teams name and click the option “Remove favorite” to remove the team from the first glance. The team will shifted down below to the “More” section.

In case you want to re-favorize the team, click the three dots again and select “Favorite” and the team will be shifted up to the favorites again.

Gain clarity regarding your teams channels

Within the teams the same functionality for showing favorites and collapsing non-favorized channels can be found. Un-favorize a channel by clicking the three dots next to the respective channels name and select “Remove favorite”. Be aware that the channel “General” does not offer to be removed from the favorites.

The channel will be shifted as well. An entry below the last favorite channel shows you how much non-favorized channels the current team offers and they will show up after clicking their names. Re-favorize a channel by clicking the star icon next to its name.