Move a Channel to another Teams

Especially customers who are already using Microsoft Teams for a longer time want to reorganize some teams. Therefore we are often asked whether it is possible to move a complete channel form one teams to another one.

Our answer is quite short: This function is not available at the moment and regarding Microsofts statements in the techcommunity forum and also in uservoice you cannot expect this feature in the near future.

Move complete channels

In an update on October 25, 2017 Muskan Arora from Microsoft wrote in techcommunity forum: “We don’t have it in our roadmap yet but feedback taken”.

There is also a request in uservoice forum for this feature. Since May 23, 2017 the status is set to “needs your feedback”. But the feedback is for a workaround. Suphatra from the Microsoft Teams team wrote: “So, we have been reviewing this item and we’ve found that its a very difficult to do, given how our product is currently built. We are interested in hearing any workarounds you have done in order to meet this need (moving content around), as this may help us think of new ways to solve for this. Please add your thoughts in the reply chain.”

Move conversations

You can think about now just to move only parts of a channel. This is a quite good idea, but it is also not possible to move a complete conversation. There is a request “Move conversations to different channels” in uservoice forum. By September 22, 2017 this request is “under review”.

Move documents

But what about moving at least documents to another teams. This time we’re lucky. You can do that using out of the box features.

Open the Teams files directly in SharePoint. First click ‘Files’ in your teams and the ‘Open in SharePoint’. Take a look at the next image:

Then you can use SharePoint function for copying or moving files. See here at for a description.