Delete and Archive a Channel

Did you already know, that a deleted channel is not really completely deleted?
Although you cannot restore a deleted channel at the moment, there are clear signs that the channel isn’t completly gone:

  • A new channel with the same name as the deleted one cannot be created.
  • In the same way the documents that belong to the deleted channel are still in your SharePoint site.

Although there is no recommended way to restore a deleted channel at the moment, Microsoft is already working at this feature. In the uservoice forum the status is set to ‘working on it’ by last update October 02, 2017. But it seems, that it isn’t first priority: “We had to put this work on hold temporarily in order to prioritize some other things (such as Guest Access) so that’s why its been a while since my last update.”

You can find a second uservoice request ‘Recreate deleted channel’. Microsoft promised there to provide this feature in future. It sounds to be not easy: “We’re figuring out how to bring this to you — it has a lot of dependencies on Engineering teams outside of our group, namely Groups and SharePoint. I’ll let you know as we progress.”

Archive a channel

In the first mentioned uservoice request you can find the answer for ‘archive a channel’: “For the other feature requested on this ticket — “archiving channels and chats” — this requires a much larger cross-Microsoft collaboration that is also dependent on the Groups team. We’re working with them to figure out how we can make this feature happen across the two products for you.”
It seems this is still more difficult than restoring. We will see what will happen.

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