Add RSS Connector to your Channel

It is really a simple thing. But nevertheless it may be interesting for some of you to see how it works before you do it for yourself. I’ve added the Microsoft RSS Connector to our channel to see, when a new post on our blog is live.

Install RSS Connector

In the first step, select the three dot menu ‘…’ next to the channels name. Then select ‘Connectors’.

In the next step you will see the list of all available connectors for Microsoft Teams. You can sort them by ‘Popularity’ or ‘Name’. Choose ‘Add’ to the right of the RSS connector.

In step 3 you will see a screen with all the permissions the app needs. Click ‘Add’ again.

In the last step you need to configure the RSS connection. Insert the respective values and the click ‘Save’. That’s it.

  • Set a unique name for the connection, so that you can identify it again, if you configure several connections in your channel
  • Insert the URL for the RSS feed. The ‘http://' will be added automatically
  • Choose how often Microsoft Teams shall check for updates.

The result

The next image shows the result - how it looks like in Microsoft Teams.

Manage existing connection

Once you have added a connector you can easily remove it or change its setting. Select the three dot menu ‘…’ to the right of your channel. Then select ‘Connectors’.

You will see the list with all connectors again and the already configured one at the top of the list. This time choose ‘Configured’ in the left menu and then ‘Manage’ to the right of your connection.

Now you can re-configure the connector or completely remove it.