Poll Bot for MS Teams - Polly

The first MS Teams Bot we want to take a closer look at is Polly for Microsoft Teams.

With Polly can easily create polls right within your conversation in your teams channel.

No need to send a calendar invitation to ask if a specific point of time works for all colleagues or to create a SharePoint survey to find the best answer to a current topic.

How to add Polly

To use Polly, just add it to the list of currently used Bots in your team. Click on the three dots next to the teams name and select the option “Show team”.

Proceed to the tab “Bots” and click the “Discover Bots” button in the upper right hand corner if Polly does not already appear in the list of bots.

How to use Polly

Then you just need to address your message to Polly and send the topic and possible values, whether divided by the „/“ (slash) or in quotation marks.

@Polly "Which weekday is best for having a dinner?" "Monday" "Wednesday" "Friday"


@Polly Which weekday is best for having a dinner? / Monday / Wednesday / Friday

As reply, Polly sends a card with the actual poll and already prepares a card with the summary of the given answers. While having a group conversation there is no more need to leave the chat and create a survey in SharePoint or send an invitation via Outlook.

You can also add an analytics tab in the channel for all the polls you have created, as they might get out of sight as the conversation continues. The analytics tab also allows to delete or close the created polls. Then the other members of the team can no longer vote for any option.