Switch to Developer Preview for MS Teams

With a few clicks you can switch to the public developer preview for Microsoft Teams. The Public Developer Preview is a program for developers that provides early access to unreleased features (see also here). Before you can switch to the preview your central administrator must enable the sideloading of apps in the admin console of your tenant (see here).

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Save this message

I guess you have already seen the small icon ‘Save this message” at the top right corner of a message box. You can use this feature to find important messages again. But note: This function will not save the message to your computer or other device. It just flag this message.

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MS Teams limits

As in all tools, there are also some limits in MS Teams. The listing below will show you the hard limits which apply for the use of Microsoft Teams.

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Access permissions to channels in MS Teams

We are often asked if separate access permissions can be given to a channel. The answer is: No, not in the current version. Private channels are not available. Currently the permissions are configured for a complete team. All members of a team have access to all channels.

This feature is highly requested with more than 5,000 votes in uservoice forum. But it seems like Microsoft is working on it. Look at the comment in uservoice forum.

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Poll Bot for MS Teams - Polly

The first MS Teams Bot we want to take a closer look at is Polly for Microsoft Teams.

With Polly can easily create polls right within your conversation in your teams channel.

No need to send a calendar invitation to ask if a specific point of time works for all colleagues or to create a SharePoint survey to find the best answer to a current topic.

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MS Teams Roadmap - Skype included in Teams

In September 2017 Microsoft announced the adoption of Skypes features in MS Teams at Ignite. All well-known features of Skype will be step-by-step transferred to MS Teams to create a one stop shop for communication within your company.

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MS Teams: How we use it and what we think about it

Microsoft Teams is the most recent tool of Microsoft to support teams. If you haven’t heard of it yet, please visit SuccessWithTeams for a first impression and much more information or teamsdemo.office.com for an interactive demo. We are working with Teams since it was available in our tenant of the Office Cloud. I would like to share with you our first experiences.

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